1-Download the planning document- .

2-Use the document to choose a team name, list the members, and choose the role for each member (the roles are explained on the planning document).

3-Using Inspiration, brainstorm a list of reasons students should have extra recess. Your reasons should be convincing and have research behind them to persuade Dr. Nienhuis to allow extra recess. Use The Links page for research, or search on your own to find the facts you need to persuade Dr. Nienhuis.

4-As a team, decide what each person's paragraph will focus on. Be sure to discuss different aspects of allowing extra recess so your ideas do not simply repeat the same thoughts.

5-Type your final letter into the wiki project page set up for your group (look for the "Projects" link on the right side of this page). Your group can decide to use different font colors to emphasize certain points in your letter. Be sure to include graphics that make your letter visually interesting.

*Each team member will be scored individually for this project, but you must work cooperatively TOGETHER to complete the project. Download the scoring guide to understand how you will be scored.

**Check out The Standards page to see what objectives will be met with this project.