The task is to work with your group and write a persuasive letter to Dr. Nienhuis explaining why you think Bridgeway students should have extra recess at least 2 days a week.

Your group can decide how much recess to ask for. These are some questions to consider-

  • Do you want students to have extra recess on the 2 days a week their class does not have P.E.?
  • Will you ask for extra recess more than 2 days a week?
  • How many minutes of extra recess will you ask for- 10? 15? 20?
  • Will you suggest that classroom teachers organize P.E. type activities for the extra recess, or will students have free choice of what to do?

The final product will be a 4 paragraph letter that your group collaborates to complete. Each person will be responsible for 1 paragraph of the letter. This letter will be typed into your group's wiki page that you will find using the "Projects" link on the left. Each member of the group will have a special job in completing this project.

So head on over to The Directions page to find out what to do next!